Recent Work

REBL works with clients in the oil & gas, petrochemical, waste incineration, metals, and materials industries. The following are some of the industries and projects that we have worked on, contact us to find out about our expertise in your specific sector.

Turnaround QA Inspections

REBL provided QA inspection services during the plant turnaround These were intensive turnarounds which required work in many areas of the plant. We were part of the team that included client inspection personnel and a client Refractory Engineer that carried out initial inspections then prepared work scope for turnarounds. REBL QA personnel then followed all repairs from tear-out to dry-out of the refractories and prepared extensive documentation for entire turnaround. Pre-qualification of personnel and materials was also carried out. Pre-qualification and installation samples of refractory materials were tested at REBL’s Alberta laboratory.

Refractories Repair, Including Work Scope, Monitoring and Documenting

Inspected all the refractory lined units in the plant including heaters. REBL prepared all repair work scopes, liaised with the refractory contractor and monitored their progress then documented all repairs. The final report included the original repair recommendations, repair summaries and future repair recommendations. Quality Control samples witnessed by REBL and taken by the contractor were tested at REBL’s British Columbia laboratory.

Refractory Capital Work Project

REBL participated in the removal of reactor and stripper units and all associated piping and replaced it with a new unit. The flue gas line from the regenerator was entirely replaced, as well as various new equipment installations into the existing regenerator. On-going redesign work involving the refractory was necessary and provided to the engineering group by REBL. During shutdown REBL provided not only Capital work inspection but the normal maintenance shutdown inspection along with refractory contractor scrutiny and co-ordination as well as on-site material laboratory testing, quality assurance during material installation, management reporting, and repair documentation.