Engineering Consulting

Impartial Refractories Engineering Consulting

Engineering ConsultingREBL’s refractories engineering consulting services provide you with a better understanding of the design, maintenance and operation required to improve the long-term reliability of your refractory linings. REBL works with project and reliability engineers throughout the many phases of a refractory repair or capital project to ensure the repaired, replaced or new refractory will meet plant demands.

Our technical expertise gives you and refractory end-users definitive answers to questions pertaining to your plant’s refractories, so you’ll know if it’s time to build new units, if you should replace the unit or if you can repair the unit.

Refractories Engineering Consulting Services:

  • Optimize Refractory Design
  • Review Project Specifications and Execution Plans
  • Analysis of Existing Lining Material Selection
  • Develop Work Scope Definition
  • Conduct Failure Analysis
  • Improve Refractory Construction Details
  • Review Refractory Contractor’s procedures and ITPs (Inspection and Test Plans)
  • Development/Review of Dry-out Procedures
  • Prepare Final Report and Recommendations
  • Conduct Refractory training