Quality Assurance

Refractories Quality Assurance from REBL

This videos shows a refractory installer pre-qualification of guniting technique as witnessed by REBL personnel.

Whether installing, repairing or replacing a refractory lining, REBL can give you immediate material, installation and design quality assurance feedback.

While conducting quality assurance reviews, REBL scrutinizes all aspects of your refractories to ensure that the choices made and programs established will provide you with a high-quality and a long-lasting refractory lining. With each of its refractories quality assurance services it provides, REBL strives to extend refractory service life, prevent the risk of failure and reduce overall maintenance expenses. REBL’s detailed documentation process provides accurate records for improved planning of future refractory work.

Refractories Quality Assurance Services:

  • Review of Contractor Quality Plans, ITPs and Project Hold Points
  • Pre-Qualification of Materials
  • Pre-Qualification of Installers
  • Installation Surveillance for Project Compliance
  • Detailed Documentation of all Stages of Work