Refractories Testing

Refractories Testing Services for Long-Term Reliability and Performance

Refractories TestingREBL’s refractories testing services inform you as to the properties of refractory materials as-installed on a timely basis. REBL provides additional information to augment the manufacturer-supplied technical data on the refractories particular to the methods that have been used to install them in the locations and configuration in the units in your plant. The test results provide indications of expected refractory life and helps in assessing refractory materials suitability and future selection.

All of REBL’s refractory testing services are conducted on equipment calibrated to ASTM and API standards and carried out by API 936 Certified Technicians/Inspectors. REBL follows-up each refractories testing service with a testing report with project specifications customized to meet client needs. Our staff Ceramic Engineers can provide feedback to the client on refractory issues seen in the refractory test results.

With a laboratory located in Surrey, British Columbia (30 minutes from the US border), a laboratory located in Leduc, Alberta (in close proximity to the Edmonton International Airport) and a laboratory located in London, Ontario (in close proximity to Hwy. 401 interchanges) and REBL has convenient access to testing samples from industries located in BC, the US, Alberta and London. For the convenience of long-term testing projects, REBL operates a Mobile Testing Laboratory.

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