Refractories Inspection

Expert Insight from REBL’s Refractories Inspection Services

Refractories InspectionREBL’s refractories inspection services provides reliability engineers and plant personnel with the insight needed to make refractory design, material, installation and contractor selections and allows them to make well-informed and timely decisions in regards to planned and unplanned work, and new capital projects.

REBL will be a presence on-site for project, turnarounds and shutdowns to provide refractories expertise at every stage of the refractories work from planning to final inspection. At the end of each and every initial inspection, REBL prepares a custom and comprehensive report, documenting REBL’s observations and recommendations for repairs or replacement with details on how to implement the work scope. REBL’s final report will detail all aspects for the project including refractory condition, repairs completed, and recommendations for future repairs in order to increase the overall lifespan of the refractory.

All inspections are conducted by REBL’s API 936 certified refractories inspectors or ceramic engineers.

Refractories Inspection Services:

  • Initial Inspection for Development of Scope of Work
  • Pre-qualification of Materials and Installers
  • Monitor of Demolition of Existing Refractory
  • On-Site Installation Surveillance
  • Pre- and Post-Dryout Lining Inspections
  • ITP (Inspection Test Plan) Sign-offs
  • Final Documentation